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Is your ‘car cleaning’ service limited to cars?
No. The Nanotek service is available for any vehicle type, model and size. We have experience in cleaning all types of cars, vans, trucks, and have the means to clean entire fleets of cars. Our experience extends to cleaning motorbikes, yachts, motorboats and even aircraft!
Where is the Nanotek treatment available?
Nanotek is a mobile service, meaning we can come directly to you, anywhere! Whether it’s meeting you by your driveway, in the office car park, on the street outside the shops or even in a showroom! Nanotek Experts are operational Nation-wide. Book online or call 1800 Nanotek today.
How far in advance to I need to book?
It is generally best to book your Nano-clean at least one day in advance as our Nanotek Experts do book out completely! If we do not have availability at your preferred time we will suggest some alternative times to fit in with your busy schedule.
Is there anything you need to bring?
The Nanotek Experts carry their own equipment, including their own power generators. Very occasionally our Nanotek Experts may require access to a power source. Other than this, the only thing we require from you is a set of keys to allow us to clean the interior of your car.
Will the Nanotek treatment scratch my car?
No. Our advanced liquid polymer nanotechnology is scratch free. It has been designed to bind to and encapsulate surface dirt, acting as a lubricant between your car and the dirt. The nanotechnology has undergone extensive testing to guarantee it is scratch free, and is regularly used to clean and protect many luxury car brands including Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini and Ferrari.
Will the Nanotek treatment effect my paint protecting and window tinting?
No. The Nanotek treatment is formulated to complement your car’s extra features. Our process will actually enhance your paint protection, and our glass treatment is specifically formulated to be window tint friendly.
Does the treatment leave any residue?
The final step in our process is where we remove the polymer residue to reveal the polished finish. In poor light it is easy to miss some of the residue, but if we do the residue can be easily removed with a clean cloth.
How often does my car need a Nanotek treatment?
We recommend a treatment every 3-4 weeks. Regular Nanotek treatments help to protect your car and keep it looking cleaner for longer. The advanced nanotechnology has been designed to last longer, and will protect your car for up to 6 weeks.
What happens if it rains after my treatment?
The Nanotek treatment leaves a protective layer on your car which actually works at dispersing the rain. If it rains, the rain water will bead off the surface of your car. To maintain its polished finish all you need to do is use a chamois to dry your car.
Does Nanotek offer an engine bay degreasing service?
Nanotek does not offer an engine bay degreasing service but we do offer an engine bay detailing service which leaves your car clean, polished and protected. Call 1800 NANOTEK for further details.
Do I have to do anything to maintain my Nanotek Treatment?
Nanotek want to make your life as easy as possible, so all you have to do is book your vehicle in for a Nano-Clean regularly to keep your car protected.

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