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Article, Townsville Bulletin, July 2012 – When you go to sell your vehicle, giving it a professional clean and polish could reap you financial awards.

The presentation of your car could reveal to potential buyers how well the vehicle has been maintained mechanically.

Professional mobile car cleaner and owner of Ecowash Townsville Ben Edwards said whether you clean up the vehicle yourself, or get someone to do it for you, it could give buyers important clues on how well the car has been looked after.

He said a weekly or fortnightly cut and polish, would ensure paint didn’t fade in our harsh North Queensland conditions. “If you always keep a layer of polish on the car it will dramatically minimise paid from fading,” Mr Edwards said.

“Washing the car often will also protect the vehicle from bugs and fruit bat droppings which are acidic because of fruit the bat eats, which will eat into the paint over time. The best time to wash or rinse a vehicle is in the early morning and evenings. Panels and glass heat up during the heat of the day, especially on darker coloured cars which adsorb the heat, and when the water hits it can bake on and cause streaking.”

Mr Edwards said the general interior and exterior condition of a vehicle was also a reflection of whether the vehicle has been well serviced mechanically. “In my opinion, if the car is meticulously clean, you can just about guarantee it has been well maintained mechanically.”

He said there were recognizable telltale signs that a vehicle has been well maintained over its lifetime, despite being well cleaned at the point of sale. “You can always tell if a car has had a hard life because the carpets are worn and knobs are worn or loose. Outside, the general paint condition may also tell a store.”

A professional buff and polish of a vehicle can remove imperfections from the paint and will take it back to new condition. You can expected to pay $250 for this to be done professionally but the money may be a worthwhile investment. If you take it another step further, a full interior and exterior detail will show the family car off in the best possible light. Mr Edwards said it will set you back no more than $450 for this full overhaul but you could expect to get a good return on the retail value of the vehicle. “It can be vital when selling your car, in 95 percent of cases, it is better for a professional to clean it to help enhance the potential retail value on your car,” Mr Edwards said.

A professional clean would include seats and carpets shampooed, paint scratch removal, engine bay cleaning and a buss and polish.


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