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Nanotek’s International Expansion

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Article, Franchising Magazine, September 2012 – Founder Jim Cornish says “In going global we have set up a regional approach from our office in Saudi Arabia, Athens and Paris. The US is showing signs of recovery and we have plans to launch the Nanotek brand there with a fixed site focus.

“But locally Australia and New Zealand remain a priority- this is our home, our benchmark and laboratory for the world, and we still have a lot of room for expansion – we’re not even half way to where we know the Australian business can be.”

“I believe the key to Nanotek’s global expansion has been our exclusive nanotechnology and our focus on systems. In combination, these two elements have made the business model very simple and easy to duplicate – not only at a franchise level but at a master franchise level.

“There is a global trend towards environmental sustainability and life-style services – Nanotek hits all these buttons. Our nanotechnology (being waterless) is not only eco-friendly, it also enables us to deliver our service to the customer anywhere. Combine this with the quality of the Nanotek service (and credibility of over 15 manufacturers as clients in Australia), add in an increasingly unified global car culture and you have a business model which, with only minor localisation, has global applicability.

“The advantages of being an Australian system are that we a sparse population spread over a massive area which is a logistical nightmare; a very solid regulatory framework for franchising which provides an excellent foundation for a global approach to franchising; and an extremely competitive franchise sector with more franchise systems per capita than any other nation of earth.

“By establishing and succeeding in Australia by default you build into your franchise model a strength which will drive growth in virtually any market.

“The only disadvantage of being an Aussie brand (which is no different for any brand in the world) is that you will hear this phrase – ‘well it might work in Australia, but that doesn’t mean it will work here’.

“Whilst we initially fought passionately against this statement, it is true that every system needs to be sensitive to the intricacies of each individual market – this is what makes the difference between selling into a market, and growing within the market.”

  • 2004   Began business as ecowash mobile
  • 2006   Launched in Saudi Arabia and France
  • 2007   Launched in US
  • 2008   Launched in Greece, received FCA Export Award
  • 2009   Launched in Romania, ranked third in BRW Fast Franchise list
  • 2010   Rebrand to Nanotek
  • 2011   Launched in Russia, Belgium and Luxembourg, and flagship fixed site in Saudi Arabia
  • 2012   New Zealand  launch, flagship fixed site in Greece, ranked 30 in BRW Fast Franchises list.

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