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Nanotek Dons ‘Experts’ as Credentials Keep Coming

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Media Release, 27th May 2013  - Nanotek have stamped their authority on the car washing & detailing industry with a new title – “Mobile Car Cleaning Experts”. A local brand, with a global reputation, industry leading mobile car cleaning franchise Nanotek extends more than 16 countries and has been establishing benchmarks for innovation and growth in both customer service and franchising since its conception 10 years ago.

The claim of expertise is bold, but it has been earned. Nanotek, an Australian born franchise, are the pioneers of waterless car washing technology and are a multi-award winning and proven international franchise system. Their patented advanced liquid polymer nanotechnology grabs tough dirt stains without scratching and leaves a beautiful, polished finish unrivaled in the industry.

In order to encapsulate the high quality level of the nanotechnology, Nanotek have adopted a new tagline and logo: Nanotek, Mobile Car Cleaning Experts. It reinforces one of their key differentiating offers – their advanced and cutting edge technology.

This cutting edge process has been engineered to be highly effective and environmentally sustainable, saving up to 180L of water each treatment and using only biodegradable products.

“We have a history of being global leaders in mobile car cleaning and we’re determined to really honour this title by continuing to drive the industry forward. We’ve always been renowned for our precision and efficiency. It’s our mission to exceed our customers’ expectations by continually developing our service offering and experience” said Nanotek CEO Jim Cornish.

The entire Nanotek team is dedicated to providing a benchmark level of expertise. To ensure this, franchisees undergo comprehensive training when they first come on board, and then take part in yearly conferences and ongoing training on new technology, car developments & ways to even further improve the Nanotek service and experience.

Their success has seen Nanotek recently launch in New Zealand and Russia, and is now seeing further expansion within Eastern Europe with the recent signing of agreements in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

Nanotek, the Mobile Car Cleaning Experts, are entering another new exciting phase of their business evolution and are confident that their new expert claim and logo is in line with their position as industry leading car cleaners – it is a reflection of the credibility Nanotek has achieved around the globe over the last 10 years… but for Nanotek the best is yet to come!



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