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Local Knowledge – Nanotek Kingston

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Article, Moorabbin Kingston, November 2011 - Gary Macfarlane, of Aspendale Gardens (formerly of Dingley Village), runs the mobile ecowash car-cleaning franchise Kingston Nanotek.

When did you buy the franchise and why?

In August 2007. The lifestyle and financial benefits are many, including working at this year’s Melbourne International Motor Show. I didn’t want a business where you get stuck with leases or seven-day trade. It’s also great being out and about.

Why did you chose Nanotek in particular?

It’s not your typical car wash – you just can’t compare the quality. Franchisees take pride in their business. Nanotek uses advanced liquid polymer nanotechnology which cleans and leaves a polished finish and also protects the vehicle for up to six weeks. Prices start from $35 for an exterior clean. We can do everything right through to full detailing with leather treatments, carpet and fabric shampooing and even paint protection.

What area do you service?

All of Kingston and a wide area of the southeastern suburbs.

Apparently you’ve just won an award for your business…

I received a new award within Nanotek to recognise franchisees who have gone above and beyond in representing the company values, which was a great honour. I was 2009 Victorian/Tasmanian Franchisee of the Year, and Nanotek itself has won a number of Australian and international awards.


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