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“Nanotek, I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on my car today. I couldn’t be happier with your service. My family and I will be in contact to use your fabulous service once again. Thank you very much!”

Kristy P, August 2014

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with such a fantastic and thorough clean on my car! Thank you for such a responsive, professional and friendly service. Thank you for an amazing, thorough exterior and interior car clean, the products are exactly as stated. My car has been on a long distance trip and back, through all kinds of weather and on multiple trips along dirt roads and still maintains its gloss inside and especially outside!”

Mandy, September 2013

“What a job you guys did! I am really lazy at cleaning the car, it hasn’t been done in about 2 years and after a Nano-clean it looks close to brand new! The interior looks perfect (smells great), paint is sparkling and even the mould in the creases is gone! I swear the damn thing seems like its even running better. Thanks for a job well done. Have always been let down by other car cleaners in the past, but I’d recommend you guys to anyone.”

Javed Dadabhai, September 2013

“I’m extremely happy with the car clean from Nanotek, and rebooking in 4 weeks, well worth it!”

Amelia Johnson, August 2013

“Just to say thank you to Nanotek so much for the fabulous clean on the Hyundai. It looked and felt as if I had just driven it out of the showroom. I even imagine it is running better, but that may be my fantasy! Your work is greatly appreciated.”

Mr Walters, July 2013

“I’d like to thank the lads at Nanotek for always putting in the extra effort to really do a superb job.”

Drazen Kukoc, May 2013

“Thanks Team!! What a great job once again, I thought I would never have clean seats again after the mishap in the back with the Grand Daughter’s drink and the grease marks in the front seats. My car is like new!”

Mr Skinner, April 2013

“I can safely say there is no other car cleaning company like Nanotek – they come to your door, they don’t use water, and the end result will just blow you away! The best art about all this is they are ridiculously cheap!! Try Nanotek today – you will not be disappointed”

Dayne Malony, November 2012

“Thanks for the great car clean. I sold my car in 24 hours after Nanotek’s excellent work. Nanotek is awesome!”

Tom Limbrey, December 2012


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