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Advanced Technology

Our advanced nanotechnology is the future of car cleaning. Our exclusive products are comprised of Advanced Liquid Polymer Nanotechnology. The liquid polymers we use to clean your vehicle are stronger, longer lasting and lighter weight than other cleaning products used across the industry. They are actually manufactured using technology from the cosmetics industry! Our scratch free formula leaves a superior finish and a protective coating that lasts up to 6 weeks.

Our products have been formulated specifically for car care with your entire vehicle in mind; from its interior to exterior, including specific formulations for materials such as glass, plastic, and aluminium that require more specialised attention.

The liquid polymer is made up of microscopic particles called nanoparticles. Unlike water, which is an extremely poor lubricant, the specific properties of the liquid polymer allows dirt to be removed without damaging your vehicle’s paint.

The liquid polymer is delicately applied directly to your car where it binds to and encapsulates all surface dirt and acts as a lubricant between the dirt and the surface of your vehicles paint. This eradicates any chance of scratching the paintwork during the cleaning process. At the end of the process all that is left is a protective polymer layer on your car which minimises the appearance of existing fine scratches, protects your car for a further 6 weeks and gives your car a superior finish.

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